30 Day Challenge for the New Year!

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Happy New Year everyone!

I’m so excited to start my very first article with the new year upon us. Today I’m going to be tackling something that a lot of people associate with a new year; New Year Resolutions! I know some of you may dread resolutions but trust me this 30 day challenge will be easy. And I’ll be doing it with you!

Let’s Get Started

All I want you to do is sit there and think…but don’t think too hard lol. Come up with 1 new habit you’d like to start. Yes, just 1 new thing. Now before you think I’m weird hear me out! Every year we write out a long extravagant list that mentally overwhelms us. They always include things that we just can’t give up or change and that includes me too! There’s no way I could ever give up Snickers! Instead, with this 30 day challenge think of just 1 simple habit to work on.

I’ve struggled too

For instance this month I’m going to find an alternative for soda. Now for a confession, I hate water; I know it’s strange but I just don’t like to drink it. Throughout the last two years I’ve really struggled with staying hydrated. In my about page I share with you that in 2015 I went to culinary school for baking and patisserie. I also had a full-time job too. I would wake up at 4:30am, start school by 6 and go home at 10. Then at 11 I would go to work and I wouldn’t get home til 6 or 7 (or even later). I can tell you, drinking water was never on my mind. I was far too tired or too busy to remember to take the time to stay hydrated.

And with a whole year like that it’s turned into a habit, a very bad habit. But with this year and with you as my community I want to change that. I know it’ll still be difficult but I want to make this change and if I focus on one change at a time I know I can start a new and better habit. But instead of saying “well this year I’ll give up soda and just drink water” (which is never going to happen) I’ll try new ways to enjoy water or tea. That’s the point I’m trying to make. If you just give up something it’s not going to work, you have to Want a change. In order to stay motivated you need to find ways to enjoy the new habit, not suffer through it. That’s how lists get thrown away in the first place.


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So for my 30 days I’m going to enjoy finding new ways to drink healthier. I have a flavor enhancer for water so I’ll buy a bunch more. I’ll make sure it’s convenient for me such as, putting them in my car and purse. I’ll save sodas for weekend dinners and maybe I’ll make some homemade lemonade or find a nice tea I like.

With whatever habit you choose, don’t give up on the idea. If you hate running, fine, don’t run but try to find new ways to enjoy exercising. Here are some simple things that I can think of that might help inspire you:

  • Go for a swim with friends or family
  • Try new vegetables and fruit, you might like some of them
  • Try making homemade popcorn ( that one is inspired from my popcorn loving husband lol)
  • See if your city or town has any trails, then grab some of your peeps and go for a walk to a coffee shop
  • Take up a new hobby and find a local club to join

You don’t have to be perfectly healthy, I know I can’t. I still love my Barq’s root beer and binge watching Netflix, but if I can change a few little things I know that in time it’ll start to add up. This 30 day challenge doesn’t have to end at 30 days, try a new habit every month, or every other month. It might take me a while to enjoy drinking water but when I’m happy with my improvement then I’ll try something new! Take your time with this, I know change can be hard.

But if you find new ways to enjoy it, it’ll be a lot easier to stick with it. So go ahead, throw away those lists and try something new! And remember to have fun with it!!

Please comment below what new habits you’d like to try!

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