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Hey everyone! I’m super stoked that you are taking the time to learn about Our Humble Garden. I’m here to share with you my success with a garden in my apartment, juggling a full time job while still having time for healthy meals and having fun doing it!! I know that sounds like a lot, but trust me, you’ve got this! I’m going through this journey with all of you so we can learn and grow together.

My Goal

I hope by the end of this page you will see why I’m passionate about farming, living a simpler life and just being happy with life. Even though life can be a b**** ( excuse my French), through Our Humble Garden I hope to create a community where we can support each other!

Tidbits About Me

If we are going to be best friends you’ll probably want to know more about me! My name is Kira Holley, I am 21 years old, as of 2017! I am happily married, (yes I know i’m young, I never said I wasn’t weird lol). I love gardening, baking, chocolate, more chocolate, and coffee!!  

In 2015 I went to culinary school for baking and patisserie for a year ( you can expect a lot of fun desserts!) When I completed the program and got my Certificate I thought I was ready to hit the ground running with a great career as a baker. I mean who wouldn’t love to work with pastries! Unfortunately I couldn’t find a job and my (then) fiancé and I had to move back in with my parents.

Some of you can relate when I say it’s hard finding work and it’s even harder to find a job you love. As the year went by I finally found a decent paying job but I wasn’t happy where I was at. At the same time I began to fall out of love for my baking career. I enjoy baking for you and for my family but actually being in a commercial bakery wasn’t what my dreams thought it would be like.

Now what should I do? That’s been the question that has kept me up at night. Do you go back to school and try something else? But what if that doesn’t turn out how you hoped? I had a lot of questions as many of you may have in your life. One hope I did have been the love of my life, Ethan. I turned my focus towards our wedding in April 2017. That kept me focused for a long while and I soon began to forget all the questions that lingered in my mind.

As I was searching my soul and asking God for answers I started to notice something was and had always been tapping on my shoulder. For as long as I can remember I knew I would have a garden, and homegrown food in my pantry. What I didn’t know is how to accomplish my goals. I can find a lot of great projects and recipes on Pinterest that I would love to do someday but like I said earlier I’m a full time worker and I can’t be spending a lot of money. That’s where Our Humble Garden began to take shape. I want to show everyone that a small garden can be fun, easy to accomplish and also help you gain financial freedom!

How I’ll help you guys with your journey

Here’s my thought process in a fun little chart:

Financial Freedom

Sustainable Garden

Is it even possible to have a sustainable garden on my balcony? How can I afford the cost and time it takes to garden?

Iv’e been there, I know it seems hard but trust me, I’m here for you. I can show you how to start and plan a small garden that will save you money. I’ll be honest, my husband and I buy about 40 to 50 dollars in groceries every week. And I know there’s a lot of people out there that spend much more!

Have you ever stopped to think about how much of that is from produce? For us a head of garlic costs $1.00, and we buy garlic every week. That’s $52 .00 in one year, and that’s just on garlic. Think about this for a second… it’s pretty important. 

Healthy Meals

Now before you run away, I’m not taking away your pizza! I’m talking about having home cooked meals that are easy to make on a busy day. Creating a weekly meal plan will help you keep your budget on track, lower stress levels, and organize your life. I enjoy having a weekly meal list, I don’t have to scrounge around for food; every ingredient in my fridge is for a specific meal. 

One of the biggest problems that I have, is distractions! When I go shopping, I get distracted by the frozen food aisle, the various snacks… did I get enough food? Having a plan of attack has helped me organize meals and my munchies! 

DIY Projects

This for me is a broad topic, which includes anything I can do myself that will save me money. DIY doesn’t have to be just about furniture and decorations. My DIY tips will include how to create your own self sustainable fertilizer, how to stock your pantry with home canned goods. I want to share with you how easy it can be to do it yourself!

How Will These Help?

I know that I can’t change the economy, or how expensive everything is. What I can do is share my knowledge and help you save money of areas of your life that can be controlled. Lowing your grocery bill, making home cooked meals, all of these things can be controlled, and Our Humble Garden will become your all encompassing resource for you to use in your life. I hope that you enjoy it, have fun with it, and I can’t wait to get started!

Comment Question: I’d like to get to know you guys too! Tell me a bit about yourself and what goals do you want to achieve?

If you ever have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Kira Holley


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